We deliver clinical infrastructure and knowledge with the speed you need to extend capacity, control the clinical pathway, and provide uninterrupted patient-focussed care.


Our purpose is to provide exceptional clinical infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive range of module and mobile healthcare facilities including operating rooms, endoscopy suites, decontamination, sterilisations, wards, clinical, dialysis and much more. Our solutions can be temporary or fixed and are often utilised to provide new facilities, maintain services during refurbishment or service reconfiguration, and provide rapid response to emergencies. Our goal is to deliver an integrated solution from concept to deployment. To achieve this, we follow our unique ‘6 stages to success’ programme.


Our project management teams are here to help you from start to finish and can assist not only in installation but also freeing-up your premises, by taking away your modular building that is not in use anymore, to make it useful elsewhere.

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