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Young Medical provides building and equipment solutions that create a modern and safe environment for your patients


Young Medical is an experienced and professional building, trading and servicing company that moves high-quality facility and equipment solutions. Young Medical staff has an extensive experience in the design, build, commissioning and validation of buildings that facilitate Operating Theater departments, CSPD departments, Dialyses Centers and Diagnostic departments.


Both temporary and permanent.


Young Medical services include consultancy and the delivery of medical equipment. Young Medical equips your building as a preference with the latest Building Management Systems and with novelties like Video over IP and Monitoring Cockpits for maintaining the safety of your patients. All according to the latest rules and regulations.


Young Medical project management teams are here to help you to free-up your premises, by taking away your modular building that is not in use anymore, to make it useful elsewhere.


Fast, clean and hassle-free.


Mobile Solutions
Containerised Solutions
Optimus OT Solutions
Metaflex Sliding Doors
Merivaara OT Lights
Merivaara OT Table
Surgery and Hospital Chairs
OT Cockpit
SigmaXG Videorouting
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Modular Solutions
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