Find your new modular facility or sell your current one

Modular facilities, ease of use, easy to order, easy to maintain. But difficult to get disposed of?

MEMO Medical helps hospitals and clinics to find a new home for their redundant modular medical facilities. Operating theaters, nurseries, CSPD, ICU, MRI housing. All of that is MEMO Medical experience. We design, develop, combine, validate and maintain modular buildings. Therefore we are the party to call when you have a building for sale or you look for a professional company to dismantle your redundant facility. 

Perhaps the building has residual value, perhaps another hospital anywhere in Europe would be happy to obtain your modular building, perhaps you simply would like us to help getting the facility off your premises. MEMO Medical takes full responsibility as your project manager.

As MEMO Medical has a long lasting experience in developing and building modular facilities for the medical service arena, you will not find any better party to work with. Apart from buying and replacing pre-used buildings, MEMO Medical also redesigns and builds your new facility according to your personal request. We make the obtained building smaller, larger, higher: we remodel the building fit to house your proposed functionality and also to meet specific local regulations. Whether the building houses operating theaters, a dialyses center or a MRI scanner. 

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The Netherlands

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