SigmaXG video over IP

SigmaXG is a product for the flexible distribution of video, audio and control interfaces (including USB) with very low latency (as low as 4ms) and high image quality over 10gigabit Ethernet. Video can be distributed without loss because it applies no compression. SigmaXG enables the user to share video, audio and control (e.g. mouse/keyboard) with other locations inside and outside the organization over an IP network. It can be used for instruction purposes or to consult colleagues somewhere else in the office.

SigmaXG by Technolution

SigmaXG is developed by Technolution (Gouda, The Netherlands). Technolution develops systems and products in a wide range of domains, ranging from traffic management systems to high-tech electronics. Technolution employs 180 engineers specialized in electronics, embedded software and application software.



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