Innovative integrated OT systems

The Optimus ISE is a room with many firsts – a radical and long-awaited re-design of the operating room from the ground up, the first since World War II. It provides an improved workflow in an ergonomic working environment – safety, sterility and efficiency by design.


Optimus ISE has created a holistic, original, completely integrated Systems Solution for the entire operating room hospital suite. The Optimus ISE systems approach is the first concrete solution to facilitate decreased operating costs and improved profits for the hospital’s most important revenue generator – the operating room.


Dr. John R. Mangiardi, Founder and Director of Optimus, has translated his more than 30 years experience as a high-risk neurosurgeon into a cohesive and simplified systems solution for today’s increasing complexities in the modern operating room. He explains:

“After 10 years of uncompromising start-up effort, we have finally achieved the level of simplification, safety, efficiency and sterility needed to create an improved working environment in the operating room space, as well as a financial business case that will contribute heavily to the reduction of spiralling health care facilities costs.”

After years of refinement – using state of the art technologies and over 19 patents later – Optimus is now ready to roll out to market over the next months.

Floor Pod
Waste System
Integrated Plenum
Integrated Surgical Lights
RFID Cabinet
Table Pod
Floor Genius
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