Modular Systems

Flexible building with an eye to the future


Only a few sectors build and renovate as often as hospitals. Each year almost half of all of hospitals carry out a major constructional project. Fast technical developments in healthcare will not reduce this situation in the future.


Anticipating future changing demand requires flexibility in what we build today. Young Medical designs and builds modular systems, for easy and hassle-free adapting to these changing demands in functionality and capacity in the foreseeable future.


Key Considerations


Preproduction occurs in a factory building under clean and controllable conditions. Deploying the system occurs in a relatively short time frame so that there is minimal disruption on-site.




Within the context of corporate social responsibility, there is no form of building which produces so little waste, and where re-use is as high, as with modular construction.




Traditional building is location-based. If a function becomes obsolete or there is a change of purpose, the demolition costs are high and the economic residual value is zero.

For rentals, the costs of a modular construction is borne by the successive users.

If the construction is purchased, it even has a residual value after the expiry of the period of use.


Working within a network of innovative companies, Young Medical is more like a partner than a supplier to its clients.


By having Young Medical involved in an early stage, Young Medical’s specialists may suggest useful contributions to your plans.


From plan to 3D impressions to installing the full complex. Taking into accounting your wish list and your institution's character.

And off course patient safety.


Using the highest classification building specifications, preproduction takes place in a factory building under clean and managed conditions.


In compliance with your wishes and requirements, standard units are combined with tailor-made ones. As long as the units are within transportable dimensions, everything is possible.


Young Medical has evolved to become the ultimate vendor for modular healthcare facilities combined with high-quality technical solutions.

Young Medical offers many building advantages, particularly in the technically complicated areas, such as radiology departments, dialysis centers and operating theatre complexes, which require adaption to new developments from time to time.

It is precisely here that modular system's construction offers excellent alternatives, as the modification of the functionality of the facility can be done at any desired time with a minimum of disruption of the department and with a maximization of the economic returns.

Living building

Technically complicated care units in any design can be taken out and replaced with units that hold newer technology or a different functionality.


Regular OT units e.g. can be replaced with a hybrid OT functionality. These changes can be made in days, with the major advantage that the exchanged units have a residual value and the new functionality is brought in without disturbing the operational capacity of the surrounding areas.

Plug & Play

With an advanced Plug & Play concept, it is easy to capitalise on changing capacity and technical demands.

Total cost of ownership calculations (TCO) and managed equipment services agreements (MES) are possible within our concepts.

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