Young Medical

Young Medical is Nordics partner of Metaflex Doors Europe for providing the best sliding door solutions for hospitals and clinics. The unique airtight sliding doors are the best in the market. The doors provide a safe and clean situation for operating theaters, ICU, CSPD and many more.



Medical application

The Metaflex Medicare door is the ideal sliding door for the healthcare sector and the medical and pharmaceutical industry. A good choice for your operating room, preparation room, pharmacy, radiation-sealed room, the quarantine room, for making fire partitions and for clean rooms.

The Medicare door offers a complete hermetic seal and can be produced completely tailored to your wishes with radiation-proof, noise-reducing and fire-resistant properties.



Airtight seal

When opening and closing the Medicare sliding door, hardly any air movement is created. In situations with conditioned or contaminated air behind the door, this is very important. The airtight seal maintains the overpressure up to at least 100 Pascal without leakage (ANSI/UL1784).

The unique closing system ensures that the door also retains its airtight seal in case of significant under- or overpressure. Uncontrolled air flow through your doors can thus be prevented.

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