Marketplace for pre-used buildings

Young Medical offers a marketplace for pre-used modular building from around Europe. These buildings are once used at hospitals and are available for re-use by another hospital or clinic. 


Young Medical offers these buildings to you with the insurance that the buildings are:

  1. Top quality

  2. Turn key delivery to your site

  3. According to all rules and regulations

  4. Ready for years of use

Typical facilities we offer are:

  1. OT departments

  2. Dialyses departments

  3. Diagnostic buildings (CT/MRI/PET-CT)

  4. ICU departments

If you have a specific need at your hospital, please let us know.

We are most likely able to fill in your demand in a short period of time for a economical price.

Our Listings:

OT Complex with 2 OT's


OT complex containing 2 OT's. This complex is ready for delivery within 2-3 months on your site. 

For more information, please contact us.

Single 40ft Container for CT

Young Medical sells our in house developed 40ft container solution for CT. This budget friendly solution can be easily shipped all around the world. 

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