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Young Medical is now representing Gardhen Bilance in the Netherlands. The products we represent are state of the art equipment with Italian design focussed on the comfort of the patient. 

The new Surgery chair provides a perfect comfortable chair for minor procedures. The chair gives lot of functionality for a convenient and safe procedure. All the benefits you have in a OT Table, fitted in a chair.

Contact us for more information about these products. We are convinced you will be astonished about these quality products.

A journey to excellence

Gardhen Bilance represents 35 years of experience in the Healthcare and has created continuous growth by achieving improved results year by year.

The company was born as After Sales Service Centre of medical and industrial scales. After 5 years it started to manufacture medical devices with its own brand.

Nowadays it is a full process company that covers research and development, purchasing, manufacturing, testing, logistic and providing after sales service.


All the medical staff find in the Gardhen Bilance devices, the solution to their daily needs as patients caregiver.

Our manufacturing

We believe in engineering in a broader sense. We apply engineering and creativity to solve the challenges that the healthcare providers have to give the best service to their patients. Gardhen Bilance uses the best and the latest technology in its own modern facility.

Gardhen Bilance has different manufacturing lines:

• Own products
• Products for other brands
• Third parts components


Gardhen bilance is well known as manufacturer of chairs and beds with integrated scales, hospital chairs and beds as well for home use, tilt tables, couches, stretchers and other specific medical devices, all complying with the European directives 93/42/EC e 2007/47/UE. The Gardhen Bilance goals are the application of the Quality Management System and of all the rules and European directives required for the conformity of the medical devices and/or weighing devices. Supervision is carried out by the Notified Body 0051 for the medical devices and 2081 for the metrological aspects.


The Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012.
The cMETus certification of MET Laboratories enables Gardhen Bilance to sell its medical devices as well in the countries of the North American continent.

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