Q-bital Mobile Solutions

Q-bital Mobile Solutions

Containerised Solutions

Containerised Solutions

Innovative Facility Solutions

Young Medical provides innovative solutions in mobile, modular and high-end healthcare facilities. 


Our Q-bital Mobile solution delivers a quick fix when capacity stretches demand. The high-quality mobile solution can be repidly deployed. The Q-bital solutions offer Operation Theaters, Wards, and Clinics, endoscopy, decontamination and sterilisation.

When capacity is needed for longer periods of time and in the more remote places on earth, our containerised capsule buildings are the perfect solution. We design and build these facilities in our own factory, with local assembly. Our engineers can help design the building, including the necessary installations and equipment. Our 'Single 40ft CT solution' for instance is an economical solution which can be quickly placed all over the world.

Long-term and permanent buildings are constructed with our future-proof modular systems. Our facilities are designed following the client's request and following local rules and regulations for cleanliness, sturdiness, and safety. The building remains flexible into the future. Operating theaters can be removed and changed for hybrid operating theaters. Complexes can be made smaller and larger when demand or procedure mix changes, without disturbing daily processes.

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