Consultants for your flexible infrastruture projects.

We manage projects that require sustainable and flexible, future proof building methods. We take today’s future into consideration while designing our solutions, as we understand that today’s wish is not equal to tomorrows request. Young Medical brings a variety and situation associated group of advisors, innovators, trend watchers, financiers and builders to the stage that are engaged with the rapidly changing patient care demand and thus able to respond quickly to changing needs in estate capacity and functionality.


Projects are designed with modular building methods. Think of LEGO® bricks that with their variety of forms and their limited size, allows you endless possibilities in form and functionality. Bricks can be taken out and exchanged, operating theaters can be enlarged or transformed into a hybrid OT, nurseries can be transformed into a department with another functionality, MRI scanners and other diagnostic equipment maybe replaced including the module and thus exchanged in just a couple of days.


Enlarge your possibilities with the knowledge and experience of Young Medical.

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