OT Cockpit

Patient safety is an important focus of concern with the prevention of incidents and complications put central. Surgical site infections (SSI) are one of the most common complications in patients who have undergone surgery in the hospital. SSI cause unnecessary pain, distress and discomfort for patients. Also SSIs are accountable for longer admission times, often re-admissions and re-operations and therefore a significant increase in costs. The direct costs associated with SSI can vary from € 1,000 for a superficial wound infection to € 20,000 for a deep wound infection.

The OT Cockpit is a revolutionary safety system to be used in the operating theatre and brings patient safety factors together in one system. It actively influences staff behavior and safety processes in the operating theatre and therewith improves patient safety and productivity significantly. The result is a significant reduction in cost and avoidable harm to the patient.

OT Cockpit is improving patient safety and productivity through an user-friendly and future-oriented solution


OT Cockpit promotes contact culture and creates awareness amongst the OT team, improving compliance to processes and positively influencing behavior to prevent infections, incidents and other complications


All relevant patient factors are displayed real-time on one single dashboard


OT Cockpit holds fully flexible software: dashboards display and software are fully adjustable to the request of the user


OT Cockpit is web-based, the software can be made available at any workstation connected to the Internet


The OK Cockpit software can be coupled to virtually any source system in the hospital

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