40ft CT Container

Young Medical offers a 40ft solution for CT diagnostics. This complete solution is housed in a 40ft High Cube Container. This solution is easily transportable around the world. The scanner can be fitted in the container in our factory so that the solution can be operational in a few hours. 

This solution contains the following:

  • 1 scanroom for the CT

  • 1 operator room

  • 1 changing room / treatment room

  • Optional generator

  • Scanroom is fitted with

    • Airconditioning

    • Lead shielding 2mm in walls

    • Lead door

    • Lead glass window between scan room and operator room

    • Cabinets

    • Side doors for maintenance to the scanner

    • Optional fold out section

  • Operator room with:

    • Airconditioning

    • Desk with cabinets

Click on the above picture for a 3D of the building

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